In our estates, the olive tree and the vineyard go hand-in-hand. With more than 400 centenary Arbequino olive trees, we offer an oil extracted in a press of which we are co-owners. Produced with highly advanced technology, all cold pressed, our olive oil has obtained very high ratings for its excellent quality.

Obtained from sustainably farmed olives selected from the season’s best harvest. It has an acidity of less than 0,2°.

Oil with a well balanced and complex profile. The fruitiness of ripe olive is clearly identifiable in nose and mouth with great diversity of secondary aromas, above all apple and banana. It also has hints of other ripe fruit like almonds, tomato, fennel and artichoke. In the mouth it reminds of almonds, its sweetness stands out a little, as well as its astringency that does not interfere with its profile. The result is a very well balanced and harmonious oil with a clear touch of sweetness that is characteristic of the variety.

Free fatty acids % 0,11   Sterols by GC  
Peroxide value 6,0       Cholesterol 0,13
K270 0,09       Brasicasterol tr.
K232 1,71       Campesterol 3,24
Fatty acids by GC %          Stigmastero 0,76
    Myristic 0,01       Betasitosterol 95,01
    Palmitic 12,50       Delta-7-stigm. 0,11
    Stearic 1,22   Erytrodiol & uvaol 1,79
    Oleic 1,93   Trilinolein % 0,10
    Linoleic 7,25   Difference HPLC &
    Linolenic 0,64   theor. Calcul. ECN  0,00
    Arachidic 0,41   Sum transoleic
    Gadoleic 0,32   isomers % 0,006
    Behenic 0,15   Halogenated
    Lignoceric 0,06   solvents mg/Kg 0,005
    Others 0,38   Waxes mg/Kg 114


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