Tradicion Familiar

Ten generations of the Bach family have devoted part of their lives to the art of wine-growing working and protecting the land and learning its secrets. This devotion continues today in the indefatigable spirit of the winery’s owner, Josep M. Bach, with the close collaboration of his sons. The fruits of this long tradition are those Clos Barenys, wines of great expressiveness and singular personality, reflecting the expertise of our winery.

It is no coincidence that our symbol is an amphora. It is the symbol of the wine-growing tradition in Tarragona since Phoenician times, a tradition kept alive by the Bach family until today.

At Clos Barenys we renovate the cycle from the ground to the wine year after year.

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Clos Barenys - Bodegas J. M. Bach i Fills


Nuestro compromiso con la ecología se basa en el respeto por el entorno que nos rodea.